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How Much Does It Cost to Create an MVP for a Startup?

  • 12 %

    Of our customers exited through an acquisition while working with us

  • 34 %

    Of our customers raised at least one round of VC funding while working with us

  • 8 %

    Of our current customers use our expertise in Data Science, IoT, Blockchain and AR/VR

What We Do

  • 01
    Turn ideas to products

    Transform your idea to a minimum viable product in 90 days

  • 02
    Fast-track tech pace

    Accelerate your tech growth to keep pace with business demands

  • 03
    Bridge tech skill gaps

    Access to a team of all-rounders to specialists in niche tech areas

Techiesat the core

How much to build an MVP (minimum viable product)?

Do you have an amazing idea for an app or software but don’t know where to start? Would you like to find out how much it would cost to build a prototype?

We have created this handy cost calculator just for you. Find out how much your prototype will cost in 2 mins.

Free toolkit to start building your MVP.

What type of prototype or MVP are you building?

Is it for mobile, the web, or both?

Which platforms would you like your Prototype to run on?

Apple iOS provides a more lucrative market while Google Android offers a more broader market reach.

Will your product be similar to an existing startup?

Please select a option that best describes your new application.

In your ideal application, will people need to login?

Would they be able to login using their email and their social media account (e.g. login with Facebook)? Or is no login necessary?

In your ideal application, will people need profiles?

A profile is space where users can view one another's personal details that the user has made public. Often utilised when building online communities.

Will your application need to use an external service?

For example, will your application need to connect to a third party service such as Google Maps or Xero?

Will people need to upload things?

Will people upload images, videos or data to your app or software?

How will you make revenue from your app?

Will your application need a ratings or review system?

How would you like your app to look?

Do you need brand development?

Full branding is handy for businesses requiring a complete setup where we look after all angles of design related to your business.

Nice! That's a great sounding app.

Your MVP will have the following features..

  • Works with iOS, Android
  • New application idea
  • May support a login
  • May support user profiles
  • May integrate with an API
feature mobile
  • May support uploads
  • May integrate purchases
  • May include a review system
  • Has basic design
  • Logo included

How long will the app take to build, and how much will it cost?

Using a Traditional Agency Model



Costs around $78,600 which covers at least the following resources:

  • 1x Full Stack Developer
  • 1x UX Designer
  • 1x Project Manager

Using the Lean MVP Methodology



Costs from $9,500 which covers at least the following resources:

  • 1x Frontend Developer
  • 1x UX Designer
  • 1x Project Manager


Let's talk about your idea!

Have a no-obligation chat with one of our product experts and we'll look at the best way to get your app or website idea off the ground.


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Download the BuildMyMVP Toolkit

How to Create an MVP for you App or Software Product in 30 Days or Less

Build My MVP Toolkit

We want to help the startup community as much as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this free BuildMyMVP Toolkit.

Are you a non-technical founder? Find out the different techniques to launch an MVP without writing a single line of code.

Did you know

Loot Create took two days to build their MVP. They now do over $115 million in annual sales.

ProductHunt took less than one day to build their MVP. They were acquired by AngelList for $20 Million.

The Food on the Table mobile app was acquired by The Food Network in 2014 and they didn’t have an app or even a website for their MVP.

Download the BuildMyMVP Toolkit

100% No spam policy. We hate spam as much as you do, we will never share your email address.

What's included in Verison 1.1?

An Ebook: How To Build an MVP in 30 Days or Less

Build an MVP

Ebook guide explaining the different MVP approaches and what is best for your idea.

An MVP Template Giveaway

MVP Template Giveaway

Free landing page template to start your pre-launch email list.

A Growth Hacking Cheatsheet

Growth Hacking Cheatsheet

Growth hacking cheatsheet - Ways to get your MVP in front of your target audience.

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Microsoft Technology

We are Microsoft Technologies experts

We provide microsoft based business intelligence and enterprise data management, infrastructure optimization, portals and collabration, business process automation & improvement, custom application development & system integration.

We also provide services that includes DevOps, Azure cloud, Analytics, Infrastructure, Workplace innovation, C# developers, Asp.Net, MSSql, React Js, Angular Js, Lean Stack, Xamarin Framework, Azure cloud, Amazon Web Services, Umbraco developers, Nopcommerce, Telerik developers, Microsoft training and deployment, Staff augmentation etc.

WhyBrainsmiths Labs?

  • Track record

    Track record

    10 years, 20+ startup tech products, Few successful exits. Do we need to say more?

  • MVP

    Doers, not consultants

    From building an MVP in 90 days to handling 50 millions hits a day. Our focus is always on execution excellence.

  • Top Talent

    Top Talent

    We restrict hiring to the best talent from top colleges. After all, solving an unsolved problem requires the best brains.

Microsoft Expertise

  • MVC
  • ASP.NET Core
  • SQL
  • WCF
  • DevExpress
  • BizTalk
  • MVVM
  • WPF
  • NopCommerce
  • Azure
  • Umbraco
  • SharePoint
  • TFS
  • Xamarin
  • Telerik
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microservices