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Importance of Educational Web Development

Web App for Education Industry ?

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Types of Educational Websites

Educational websites can be further categorized into 8 subcategories:

1. Digital Libraries

It is a form of an educational website or an online library where all educational stuff is stored in digital formats including text, still images, video, audio, or other digital media formats.

2. Educational Video Websites

As the name itself denotes these websites where educational stuff is available in video format. Some of the famous educational video websites are Teacher Tube, Discovery Education, Ted Videos, etc.

3. How-to Websites

These set of websites focus on how to do certain things or simply how they work. E.g.: WikiHow, Howcast, EHow etc.

4. Language-Learning Website

These websites help you learn a foreign language. Some of the common language learning websites are Live Lingua, LearnaLanguage.com, Internet Polyglot etc.

5. OpenCourseWare

These are university published and created lessons that are available for free.

6. Science Websites

Science websites offer content on various subjects of science like biology, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, etc. Some of the famous science websites are Try Science, How Stuff Works, The Exploratorium etc.

7. Tertiary Educational Websites

These websites deal with all post-secondary educational content. E.g.: Academic Earth, Online College fair etc.

8. Web Documentaries

These websites are about non-linear interactive documentary productions combining text, video, animation, info-graphics etc. They may also include information about web documentary creators, awards or other related topics.

Benefits of Educational Web Development

Educational websites are witnessing a steep rise and are being openly accepted by their audiences. Students, teachers, parents are openly depending upon them for gaining various information including information about various school/universities, gaining knowledge on various courses offered by the universities, understanding certain topics, completing assignments, etc.

The educational institute websites are very important for building up the institutes’ presence in the educational world. On the other hand, they provide an easy way out to the students to know about the institute, courses offered, faculty, infrastructure, etc.

Before enrolling for colleges students, prefer to have complete knowledge about the institutes. These websites also provide an easy platform to enroll in colleges and school and fill admission forms.

Apart from the institutional websites, knowledge sharing websites like Byju’s, Meritnation, etc. are widely in use. These websites offer easy to understand platform to students and teachers to learn various concepts.

There are a number of knowledge sharing websites where you can find detailed information about various educational topics, be it science, history, language, etc. These websites offer easy access to the content at any time and at any place.

The lists of educational websites don’t end here. There are educational websites that offer online courses and certification to their students. Students can now sit at home and enrol for various certifications online.

Features of the Educational Website

Your educational website might be in a real tough competition. In such competition, making it popular might become a little difficult.

To make your website reach its potential customers and make it really beneficial to its audience, just make sure your website includes the following features:

1. Quality Search Function

Educational websites are a huge chamber of tremendous information. Searching for some particular information in such a scenario can be very tiring and might even get frustrating. Hence your website should offer an easy and quality search option to its audience.

2. Use Videos

Videos are a good way to enhance your brand value. Whether you want to show your infrastructure or want to deliver some message from the management or want to have some reviews from the alumni, videos can do that in a perfect manner. Videos are also a very efficient way to deliver any lesson or topic.

3. Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

Though you might expect your students to be using laptops and desktops, mobiles are the most viable option available these days. Mobiles give easy access to the internet at any time and at any place.

They might be the first choice of many students to access your website. So make sure your website is responsive and easily accessible on mobile gadgets.

4. Content is the King

You are managing an educational website and are expected to master your subject. Your content should be reliable and valuable to the audience and give valid information and details.

The language should be easy for the students to understand and should provide all the answers to the student’s doubts.

5. Have a Chat Box

It is advisable to have a chat option on your website so that the students can get their doubts cleared instantly. Chat boxes are widely accepted and appreciated by internet users for their instantaneous nature.


Education is the right of everyone. Making it more viable and accessible to all depends on its providers. The Internet provides an easy way out to make education easier and easily available to all. So let’s technology befriend education and make education simpler and engaging for all.