The Advantages of building an HTML5 Game

Here are some of the reasons why we at Brainsmiths Labs believe HTML5 Game Development is the best!

  • Simple and Versatile Programming
  • Adaptive
  • Media Rich
  • Flexibility

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HTML5 Game Development Company

We are passionate about Game Development, to the extent that we have immersed ourselves completely into the end to end processes of Game Development. This commitment to creating and developing games has led us to being one of the top HTML5 Game Development Companies.

Behind the Development of the Best HTML5 Games

The HTML5 Game Development team at Brainsmiths Labs has some of the most gifted coders who have immersive experience in creating HTML5 Games for devices across various form factors. With a deeply rooted understanding of design and design thinking, our HTML5 Game Developers become equal partners in the conceptualization and design of the HTML5 Games that we undertake for our clients.

Over the years, HTML5 has emerged as the clear winner for a programming language that is adaptable to both desktop and mobile platforms. Unlike games developed using Adobe Flash, HTML5 Game Development leaves a lot of space for incorporating premium quality multimedia and graphics into the game. This results in creating visually enticing games that are easy to build and port across devices.

Brainsmiths Labs has the Best HTML5 Developers!

The HTML5 Game Developers at Brainsmiths Labs and Brainsmiths Labs San Francisco, CA, live and breathe extreme programming and Agile development methodologies. This makes us a super team of designers and developers who are available to clients around the clock to help solve issues and ensure that your product is delivered on time.

This means that the HTML5 Game Developers at Brainsmiths Labs are rightly suited to help you create a game that can function across devices and platforms. This is ideal as we find that users are increasingly switching from desktops to handheld devices.

How can Brainsmiths Labs create the Best HTML5 Game for you

As one of the top HTML5 Game Development Companies, we have helped clients develop games that have been intricately complex, and very graphic rich. Here are some of the genres in which we are adept at creating HTML5 Games:

  • HTML5 Action and Adventure Games
  • HTML5 Strategy Games
  • HTML5 Casual Games
  • HTML5 Racing Games
  • HTML5 Sports Games
  • HTML5 Interactive Puzzle Games
  • HTML5 Roleplaying Games

The Game Development Process at Brainsmiths Labs

There are various aspects to building an HTML5 video Game irrespective of the platform. The following are the five main aspects of Game Development followed at the Brainsmiths Labs HTML5 Game Development department:

  • Game design: A major part of the Pre-Production process, this is when the game idea is finalized and approved by the designer, art lead and tech lead. The designer puts together the Game design document and the game design is frozen. The purpose of GDD is to provide a reference for the artists, developers and testers during the rest of the development pipeline.
  • Audio: Great sound for your game will get gamers instantaneously involved with the gameplay. At Brainsmiths Labs we either have a sound recording artist create custom made audio for your game or source the audio from pre-existing content online.
  • Game art: The HTML5 Game Art Development team follows the Game Design Document given by the designers and uses the guidelines to create artwork for the game. The Art team will work in parallel with the developers to build art for the game. The HTML5 Game Development team will integrate the art simultaneously.
  • Engineering: In this phase the game is actually engineered following the GDD given by the designers. The Engineering team takes control of the product, writing code and ensuring the physics of the game is perfect, while the art team and designer keep a close eye to ensure the game adhere to the Game Development Document.

HTML5 Game Development Case Study - Excel Currencies

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