Informative Mobile App Development

Advantages of Working with Brainsmiths Labs

  • Hands-on knowledge of various SDKs and their usage.
  • Get highly polished iPhone & Android apps and superior web development.
  • Easily downloadable apps from Google’s Play Store & Apple’s App Store.
  • Expertise in creating architectures as well as client server-based mobile apps.
  • In house Mobile QA team that tests the applications on various combinations of devices & different OS versions.

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Mobile App Development Company

As an award-winning mobile application development company, we understand the significance of quality mobile application development. Therefore, we use effective UX designs and agile development strategies to deliver a wide range of stellar & cutting edge web and mobile app development services like:

  • Enterprise application development.
  • Application maintenance services.
  • App prototyping and strategy.
  • Full-stack mobile development services.
  • Cloud mobility solution.
  • Integration with existing enterprise service and data.

Our End-to-End Mobile App Development Services

Yes, absolutely.

From iOS & Android app development to Cloud-based application development, we develop mobile apps for various operating systems and mobile platforms, using creative designing, swift & efficient planning, effective mobile solutions and our development team’s proficiency and expertise. That’s not all, our skilled Android & iOS app developers, as well as PhoneGap app developers, work round the clock to deliver services for feature-rich custom hybrid & native iOS mobile & web apps development, iOS game development, iOS app porting & testing, and more, for better user experience.

Our Stack of Mobile App Technologies

At Brainsmiths Labs, we offer optimum mobile strategy and solutions for cross-platform applications development that guarantees maximum growth & minimum project cost. With us, you can save app development time, get effective project management, create centralized code for easy switching & shorten your turnaround time.

1. iOS App Development

Our mobile app development team creates mobile apps for the latest versions of iOS, iPhone. Apple Watch, Apple TV, & iPad while adopting futuristic app development techniques.

2. Android App Development

At Brainsmiths Labs we offer you efficient, innovative & avant-garde Android app development services using the latest Android development tools & Google SDKs.

3. Hybrid App Development

We, at Brainsmiths Labs, create cross-platform and hybrid mobile applications that effectively work across various platforms and devices using a wide variety of latest technologies.

4. Native App Development

From optimized performance to easy integration with the latest technologies, our team designs and develops fast and responsive native apps, with a UI that better matches with UX of the OS.

5. Xamarin App Development

Leverage the advantages of the Xamarin mobile app development process and get powerful mobile apps with this dynamic and effective cross-platform development framework.

6. Beacon App Development

With our Beacon app development services for IBeacon, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), Bluetooth Smart Devices, etc. keep up with the latest technological trends. Get innovative and agile development and deliver an optimum mobile experience at the right time.

7. Blockchain App Development

Profit from our exceptional blockchain app development services and get secure, reliable, and private blockchain applications, smart contracts, etc. using a variety of tools, platforms, approaches, and technologies.

8. React App Development

We, at Brainsmiths Labs, build business-specific React applications, with interactive UI, simplicity, scalability, dynamic features, and more that help our clients get better user engagements.

9. Wearables

Keeping up with the new flanged technology, we create innovative and design-focused apps with a range of sensors and features to empower mobility through wearables.

10. Flutter App Development

Our Flutter app development services directed to build and deploy virtually attractive, fast mobile cross-platform apps for both Android & iOS, with expressive & flexible UI, native performance, and more.

11. Custom Cloud Application Development

At Brainsmiths Labs, get browser-agnostic, scalable, and future proof custom cloud applications, including ERPs, CRMs, etc. that can be deployed on the public, private, or hybrid environment, effortlessly.

Best Informative Apps to Learn Something New Every Day

Do you know you can turn your smartphone into a source of learning by downloading some of the best informative apps? Why waste your time on social media when you can utilize your time the right way by learning some great things every day? Yes, you heard it right! Every Single Day. Without further ado, let’s get down to our compilation of 5 of the very best learning apps that you can download on your smartphone to turn it to a real life source of life.

1. Khan Academy (Android | iOS)

Khan Academy is world’s top digital academy where lectures on literally all subjects are offered for free. You can take as much lectures as you want at absolutely zero cost. The focus of this organization is to help you with your regular academic subjects such as maths, stats, economics, science, humanities, and others. The platform also offers wonderfully developed mobile apps for both Android and iOS that work as smooth as the website.

2. Udemy (Android | iOS)

Just like Khan Academy, Udemy is an online service that offers an extensive array of courses on almost all the topics. From personal development to web development, Udemy offers everything. Not only academics, even if you want to learn to play the guitar, but you can also find lessons on this platform. The best thing about Udemy is that the courses are taught by industry experts. Unlike Khan Academy, Udemy is not a free platform. Yes, the mobile apps are free to download but you have to pay for each course you wish to take. But that’s not something to be worried about. Udemy often runs sales where you can buy a $100-plus course for as low as $10.

3. Goodreads (Android | iOS)

Talking about the best informative apps or learning apps, what could be more informative than books? Even in this digital age, books are easily the best way to learn about anything. The only drawback of physical books you may identify is to make sure you choose the right one. There are hundreds of books available on a single topic making it difficult for a newbie to find the best one. However, this is where learning apps like Goodreads come to the rescue. It is like the social media of books having millions of books for the readers. Simply download the app and browse a huge collection of books right from your smartphone.

4. Wikipedia (Android | iOS)

Wikipedia is a platform that needs no introduction. It has certainly replaced the hefty encyclopedias from our bookshelves. The Wikipedia app is one of the finest learning apps in terms of learning about almost everything. Whatever you need to know, you can find it on the Wikipedia app. The only drawback with Wikipedia is that it cannot be termed as a reliable source of information because anyone can edit and write on Wikipedia. For citation purposes, it is suggested that you visit the bottom of every article to check the sources.

5. YouTube (Android | iOS)

Today, the best way for an information to flow is by visuals. No matter how many books or articles you read, a one-minute video can have a greater impact on your mind. Talking about the best informative apps, what can be better than YouTube? The YouTube app gives you a chance to watch informative videos and get information on any topic you want. Like other things, it may have its disadvantages as well but it depends on you how you want to utilize a platform.