Digital Marketing for the Photo Sharing Website

For companies today, digital marketing matters because it offers:

  • Multiple online marketing strategies
  • Cost-effective marketing solutions
  • Level playing field
  • Advanced targeting and personalization options
  • Accurate campaign tracking and measurement

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Photo Sharing

Digital Marketing for Photo Sharing Website ?

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How to Market on Photo Sharing Sites

Digital cameras are everywhere from pocket sized point and shoots and cell phone cameras to popular digital SLRs that appear to be around the chest of every tourist. Unfortunately all of these pictures take up a great deal of digital space that the average amateur photographer cannot accommodate. As a result, the photo sharing marketplace has exploded to provide numerous homes for avid photographers to host their stash of family, business and artsy pics. The following sites stand out as serious performers in this socially-driven field:

1. Fickr

extremely popular and by far the leader in this industry to date.

2. Picasa

owned by Google, it incorporates functions such as facial recognition and geotagging.

3. Photobucket

goes beyond standard photo sharing sites, users can upload video and create slideshows, and share content directly through their social profiles.

4. TwitPic

users can post photos and video and immediately share them via Twitter. It can be used independently of Twitter, though many of its features make it compatible to use in sync.

4. Instagram

allows users to apply digital filters to photos and then immediately share them through their social networks. Images produced here are confined to a square shape reminiscent of Kodak Instamatic photos, which gives them a vintage look.

Associated Marketing Strategy

Pictures are optimized much the same way as videos: carefully craft a title, a description and keyword tag that best represents the image and piques the interests of your target viewer. But the question that I often consider is, “what is the best way to make photos generate business?” My first recommendation is to use pictures to show your interest in your field. For example, if you sell cars you could benefit from posting your photos from the most recent car show you went to, including a note that you will soon have the cars available on your lot. It is useful to provide a link to your own website so that viewers can easily investigate you when their interest is piqued. Showing that you are interested and active in your industry implies a level of knowledge that many viewers may find comforting. Please Continue to “Don’t Forget to Create a Plan” OR choose from the following directory:

  • Social Networking Sites
  • Business Networking Sites
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Photo Sharing Sites
  • Content Voting Sites
  • News Sharing Sites
  • Collaborative Directories
  • Video Sharing Sites

Advantages and Benefits of Image Sharing Websites

The creation, publishing, and distribution of images on the Internet comes with a vast amount of benefits to a company and organization. Images are one of 4 types of content currently used online. Text is one form, video another, audio, and images. Images are critical to create in many forms to market and advertise online. Content marketing is the fastest growing marketing method and strategy online. It is also one of the most effective methods to gain online visibility and market share.

  • Gain overall visibility online
  • Supports Social Media Marketing
  • Supports Search Engine Optimization
  • Form of Content Marketing
  • Improve Public Relations
  • Increase Branding

These are just some of the advantages and benefits of sharing websites, but there are many more. Companies and image sharing networks consistently find more ways of utilizing and benefiting from sharing images.

Organizations and businesses have to first open accounts with these image sharing websites, create a quality profile, upload all images relevant to the brand, describe them properly, enter keywords (tags, keywords, category…) and any other required information to publish the images. This for best results should be done on a frequent basis.