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If you are thinking “I havIf you are thinking “I have a mobile-friendly website, and this should be enough,” you need to think again.

With the growing popularity of smartphone and increasing reliance on custom mobile application development processes, customers seek convenient mobile apps for real estate from which they can get a personalized view of the property at any time and from any device. So, if you have not considered real estate mobile app development for your business yet, you are at the risk of losing more leads to your rivals.

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How Real Estate Mobile Apps Can Increase Business Profit

Yet, there is no assurance that they will eventually take up your deal. Your loss is a direct gain for your competitors. But did you know that you can use mobile apps to reach out to your customers more efficiently?

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Why Invest in Mobile Apps for Real Estate?

The reason is quite straightforward. Prospective buyers and homeowners in real estate are seeking the ability to review relevant property data from any smart device. More than desktops and PCs, real estate customers are increasingly found doing their research on smart devices like mobile phones, and tablets. Making constant searches on the internet to make an information-driven purchase decision. Be it buying or selling a property, or about home renovation, they like to use mobile apps to access all the required information on the go.

The real estate sector has been slow to adapt to the new and emerging mobile technology trends. As per the 2017 PWC report on the emerging trends of real estate, if realtors cannot strategically use the existing technology preferred by customers, it might result in the loss of potential opportunities. Similarly, statistics tell us that real estate businesses are in favor of real estate mobile app development, globally.

Here are a few from the 2015 report of the National Association of the Realtors (USA), which will change the way you think about real estate mobile app development:

  • Out of 80% of the interested buyers for properties in the US, 70% now prefer to look for good real estate agents on mobile apps.
  • There is a growing demand for real estate mobile app development, and brokers are now willing to pay huge amounts for mobile technology.

With mobile technology growing by leaps and bounds, real estate mobile app development can help you attract more customers and provide them with lucrative deals that they just can’t miss. Having a user-friendly mobile app for real estate businesses can make your market reputation skyrocket and improve your customer interaction, with a positive impact on your ROI.

How Is Real Estate Mobile App Development a Profitable Idea?

When you choose a revolutionary Mobile Application Development Platform like Brainsmiths Labs, the developed app will be the best marketing representative that you will need for your business. While developing mobile apps for real estate, we advise our clients to integrate excellent user experience with convenient and flexible mobile tools and features. The idea is to attract, engage, and retain customers through custom mobile application development, which can put your real estate venture at their fingertips.

Now let’s see how real estate mobile app development can enhance your business prospects in the long run:

  • Improved Customer Experience Can Create Robust Business Identity - With real estate mobile app development initiatives, you can ensure that customers don’t need to go outside their home to check a property site. Ask your mobile app development company to make the property listing as per locations. Ensure that all the relevant information, such as price, site images, and area, can be easily accessed from the mobile app. Thus, customers can enter location and price range on the mobile app, and quickly view the relevant property listings. In addition, you can expect to reach out to the targeted customer base faster with your own real estate mobile app development, as the searches are often refined and need-specific. This way, you don’t need to deal with almost everyone who comes to inquire about your property. Moreover, Brainsmiths Labs’ real estate apps feature enterprise administration backend that provides a web and mobile view of data and analytics via a dashboard armed with a granular reporting engine. This allows businesses to fully-understand what and where your customers are looking for, and plot your strategy based on this information. Keep in mind that customers remember only the brand that offers them something unique. Providing personalized experience to customers through real estate mobile app development can help you build a powerful identity in the market, and make your business stand out from the crowd.
  • A Faster Sales Process Can Help You Seal More Deals - Don’t think it is adequate if you have an engaging and easy-to-use mobile app for real estate business. You have to develop the app strategically to make sure both your business objectives are in perfect alignment with your customer interest. With real estate mobile app development, you can offer special offers and attractive deals to your customers at no extra cost. Push notifications also offer a great way to keep customers updated on the latest deals, projects, and property listing. Another important aspect of any real estate business is the calculation of the EMIs. Make mortgage and loan calculator an integral part of real estate mobile app development, which can give you chance to attract more buyers when you put the simplest of tools as a part of your app. Instead of loan calculation on your phone (calculator app) that only slows down the transaction process, prospective buyers can easily choose any property by calculating their payments on the real estate mobile app itself and instantly get in touch with you as soon as they are interested.
  • Using New Technology Can Enhance Your Real Estate Prospect - Augmented Reality (AR) is the latest technological interest in several mobile app development companies. As AR has the ability to overlay a virtual image on the physical world itself, it can be of great use in the real estate mobile app development process. For example, you are dealing with a customer who wants to renovate a particular property site. Instead of coming up with a 2D renovation plan, you can take them on a virtual tour of what the renovated site would look like by incorporating AR into your real estate mobile app development. If the customers want, they can customize their tour experience and judge the presented plan by making various visual alterations.The real estate mobile app can also provide customers with detailed specifications about the renovation and property tools in real-time. Including advanced features in real estate mobile app development, which can provide a virtual feel of the proposed future to customers, can stimulate more property visits and translate into better conversion rates.

Stay Current with Brainsmiths Labs Real Estate Mobile Apps

If you are thinking about creating your own mobile apps for real estate business, you need to find an app development company that has a creative approach and profound experience of how the industry has changed over the years. Here, at Brainsmiths Labs, we understand that your real estate mobile app needs to embrace the latest technologies and tools to adapt quickly to the market and your target audience’s demands.

Brainsmiths Labs Mobile Application Development Platform helps you build tailor-made, dedicated and flexible apps at 10x speed than the traditional app development models which take to hand-coding each app from scratch. Our apps can be built and deployed rapidly on an automated platform which offers seamless integration with your existing business workflows. Our automated platform features pre-configured business modules, pre-built technology components, and a design studio with a range of UI options, all of which are integrated into a working app using pre-built connectors via a drag and drop approach. This app is then customised to suit your unique requirements.

Brainsmiths Labs develops and deploys fully-customized real estate mobile apps for Android, iOS and the Web automatically on the automated platform. If you choose to partner with Brainsmiths Labs, you will never lose a prospective buyer again.

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