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In today’s competitive business world, IT matters more than ever. A thoughtful, calculated approach to information technology keeps your company running smoothly, efficiently, and securely. But it’s a complicated area that requires planning, active management, and an experienced IT Consulting team in your corner if your organization is going to reach its full potential.

Brainsmiths Labs works with organizations in many ways—from serving as an outsourced IT team providing IT strategy and guidance; supplementing internal teams through day-to-day support; working on major IT projects, or a combination of services that best serves your organization’s needs.

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How It Works

With an experience of more than a decade, Brainsmiths Labs has been providing technology consulting and support to various startup initiatives. Once the business idea is in place, choosing the right technology to build the product becomes an important factor any startup.

Be it a desktop application, smart client application, web application or a native application built on handheld device, Brainsmiths Labs recommendations are based on rich experience of having worked on different needs. With the evolving changes in customer needs, technology landscape is also changing every day with a wide variety of new additions in frameworks and tools.

While recommending technology and various tools, we consider all different areas like the following:

  • Time to market and cost
  • End users
  • Hosting models and deployment scenarios
  • Environmental constraints
  • Integration scenarios
  • Accessibility with local resources
  • Scalability needs
  • Reusability needs
  • Availability needs
  • Versatility needs
  • Regulatory needs

Our technology consulting team consists of experienced solution architects, system architects, technology leaders and evangelists who will analyze your product needs from different perspective and will guide you through the entire solution.

At Brainsmiths Labs, we have extensive experience of working with various desktop, smart client and web application technologies like Java, Microsoft .NET, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, HTML 5 and mobile technologies like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

We have various technology partnerships and industry associations like Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership and Amazon AWS Partnership that gives us access to all the latest technology landscapes; some of them even in their beta and alpha stages. This is leveraged by our technology competency centers to perform various proofs of concept solutions to check the viability of the upcoming technologies.

To know more about our specific technology experience, please feel free to ask for demos and references of our work.

Our Team of IT Professionals Strives To:

  • Develop a detailed understanding of your company, your goals, and your people.
  • Recommend how to maximize the value of your technology with proven methodologies.
  • Give your organization every strategic advantage we can find.
  • Be a trusted advisor for strategic IT decisions.

When you choose to entrust your IT solutions to Brainsmiths Labs, you can trust that every detail is handled. Our expertise can help keep your organization productive day-to-day and support your organization’s growth in the future.

Brainsmiths Labs Consulting Services

Brainsmiths Labs’s core values include technical expertise and a focus on providing exceptional client service, and our IT team takes them to heart. We work with every client to create specific, innovative solutions to help your organization achieve its unique goals. Brainsmiths Labs provides IT Consulting expertise in:

IT Assessments

Knowing the detailed ins and outs of your IT environment can help answer a number of important questions about your environment and provide clarity for tough IT investment decisions. An IT Assessment will help your organization understand:

  • How well your IT is performing.
  • If your business strategy is supported by your technology.
  • If all your cybersecurity measures are up to date.
  • How to use the cloud to its full advantage.

A comprehensive IT Consulting assessment will help answer these questions and more, and it’s critical for maximizing efficiency, reducing risk, improving security, and boosting your bottom line. For a detailed review of your IT infrastructure, applications, strategy, and services, as well as prioritized recommendations to optimize your IT, learn more about an IT assessment.

IT Managed Services

If your organization doesn’t have the in-house capacity to handle the IT needs of your entire organization, Brainsmiths Labs can provide ongoing, active 24/7 support. IT managed services typically saves money and gives your IT staff more time to focus on other objectives. KSMC IT managed services focuses on:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring
  • Day-to-day helpdesk support

If your organization is experiencing transition within your IT team, is looking for better strategic and ongoing support, or envisions how day-to-day support will allow internal IT resources to focus on longer-term IT initiatives, learn more about Brainsmiths Labs IT managed services.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud has many advantages.

  • It’s one of the best ways to securely backup your servers.
  • It can save you money by getting rid of some of the physical hardware that is taking up space and resources in your office.
  • It can lower the cost of your computing power —something that can often be an issue when using physical servers.
  • Accessing your server is easier than ever from work, home, or just about anywhere.

The cloud solution experts at Brainsmiths Labs can help with all your cloud migration needs from assisting your organization to understand the decision to move to the cloud to providing the technical expertise to lead and manage a smooth transition. If your organization is considering the move, learn more about Brainsmiths Labs cloud solutions.

IT Strategy and Planning

Through strategic IT planning, Brainsmiths Labs can help make sure your organization is reaching its goals. Some aspects of IT strategy and planning include:

  • Selecting the right software.
  • Assistance with contract review and IT budgeting support.
  • Creating an IT roadmap.
  • Implementing the cloud support you need.

When it comes to technology planning, it’s important to ensure your IT strategy is in alignment with the goals of your organization. Our team of resources works alongside clients to develop comprehensive technology strategies that stand the test of time for organizations. Learn more about Brainsmiths Labs IT strategy and planning services.

IT Consulting Services and Infrastructure consulting

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation upon which to build an effective IT strategy. To ensure your business is secure and competitive, it is critical that your IT infrastructure is up to date and functioning at peak performance.

KSM’s IT Consulting team of network engineers help clients manage and upgrade their server and network infrastructure. Learn more about how Brainsmiths Labs can assist you develop a solid network infrastructure.

Document Management Services When it comes to document management solutions, it’s important to take into account end-user frustrations, processes and needs as well as the goals of your organization. To be sure the solution will work for your organization, our experts’ test, ask for feedback and test again right alongside end-users.

Change can be difficult, so our team provides the communication and training support needed to ensure your team feels confident in adopting the new solution. Learn more about KSM’s IT Consulting document management services.

Secure Company Data

Cybersecurity threats increase daily. KSM’s IT Consulting Cybersecurity and Risk Management team works with clients to assess their current situations, develop solutions that achieve compliance and protect their organizations, and manage ongoing threats. Learn more about how our cybersecurity services can serve your organization.

Office Moves

Whether an organization is moving locations, remodeling its current office, or opening an additional location, it’s a major project to undertake. An office move involves the coordination of hundreds of moving pieces and decisions about everything from paint color to cabling.

Brainsmiths Labs’s team can help ease stress and increase confidence by providing services related:

  • Space and Move Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Low Voltage and Cabling
  • Connectivity and Internet
  • Move Coordination and Execution

Contact Brainsmiths Labs about our office move services to plan a seamless transition for your organization.

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