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What Makes Us Best In Microsoft Technologoies Development ?

What Makes Us Best In Microsoft Technologies and Development?

Our experienced Microsoft Technology developers proficient in open source technologies. Our design & development process makes websites dominate search engine results & attract relevant traffic. Free website consultation and professional guidance for every query. Whether you need marketing assistance or expert advice, we are here to help you with accurate solution.

Value-CreatingInnovative Business Services

Give us a chance to handle you're non-core operations. By lifting the burden on your ability and expense base, we free you to target your endeavours where they convey the best esteem. Keeping your business running obliges a scope of bolster administrations working at the obliged quality and expense. Outsourcing these business support services can empower you to focus on your core expertise. We support a diverse group of clients from legal firms, banking and financial services firms, consulting and professional services firms, as well as corporations. Brainsmiths Labs delivers Microsoft support services that enable clients to focus on core competencies and benefit from our economies of scale, including:

Systems Services

Brainsmiths Labs services use the idea of system Integration services to direct the system integrated management in an organization. We focus on implementation, up-gradation, replacement and/or removal of current computer systems. We offer a wide range of services to identify, document and manage changes to the site architecture.

We help our clients from the baseline architecture to the objective architecture and meet their goals by transition analysis, planning, execution, resolution and recommendations. We have an expertise team to work on client needs that help in business operations and provide the desired results by subordinating with the client goals. We keep the process transparent as to reduce the up-front cost and increased revenue for our clients.

Services we offer:

  • Application and enterprise systems integration: System services can be an application for an individual use and can be more complex for enterprise .We have an expertise team who work to enhance your system efficiency by integrating it with new technologies.
  • Data centers: Your data center is the brain of your system. We emphasize to protect, store and manage your data in an organized manner. We intend to provide optimal protection to your system.
  • Platform Integration: We keep a track that all the applications run simultaneously independent of platform or language and are interoperable within various platforms. Our services take security consideration so that the data is shared between authorized personnel only.
  • Network Integration: We take great care to ensure that each system and its subsystems are operational when working individually or as a whole system .Our team members are highly skilled to bound system, software and enterprise architecture with protocols.
  • Enterprize integration: We make sure that your enterprise system is adaptable to new transformations. Our services focus that there is collaboration between distributed and other applications along with the interoperability on different enterprise resources.
  • Security systems: Our experts analyses every aspect of security from the scratch. They take great care that the system is not accessed by unauthorized users inside as well as outside the organization. We ensure that your data is not lost in any condition like physical theft, software malfunction or any natural calamities.

Social Media Marketing

Brainsmiths Labs offers various programs to create that type of content which will attract attention and encourages end-users to share it across various social platforms. The social platform includes article forums, press release forums, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms. This process of social media marketing is also known as electronic word of mouth. Our team is highly expertise, socially active and technically strong for social media marketing.

We offer following Social Media Marketing services-

  • Blog Writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Social profile creation
  • Analysis of the market
  • Competitive analysis
  • Social media audit
  • Virtual marketing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Blog strategy development
  • Community building strategy development
  • Choosing correct Channels and Tactics
  • Content strategy
  • Photo synchronization

We lay a social media market for your organization as a source of market information and customer voice .Blogs, social sites and other communities are a platform for users to express their views and share with others. So a strong strategy needs to be planned to be gained to have a positive response.

Content Marketing/Writing

Our content marketing services involves the creation and sharing of marketing content in the social media to acquire and retain more number of customers for your organization. Our content writers provide quality content that help in to build a brand reputation with customers and end-users. The ultimate goal of our content marketing team is to drive more profitable customers in order to increase the revenue of your company. The content writer ensures to provide creative, valuable, consistent and attractive content for a defined audience.

Our content writing areas include web content writing, Brochures writing, Blogs and Articles writing, Manuals writing, Technical content writing and others.

The different areas where our team focuses are:

  • Stratergic development for content, Editorials and their audits
  • Defining the content metrics
  • Content creation (E.g.-Blog, Articles. Copywriting)
  • Content Updating, Maintenance and Management
  • Advertising on both paid and unpaid media

Benefits of Professional Content Writing Services:

  • Publish content on a regular basis
  • Get high quality content on an ongoing basis
  • Enjoy better search engine ranking
  • Have a greater choice of content writing
  • Update your existing content regularly
  • Stop worrying about new content writing ideas
  • Make your brand more recognizable

Online Reputation Management

Your reputation is the pillar of your organization. There are various entities which can create a negative image of your product/service. Our company provides various online reputation management services to suppress negative content. We help in building a positive image of your organization with our management team working for your repo.

We offer different types of monitoring services to create positivity among the end users like proactively responding to user’s negative reviews, promoting your company on social platforms, removal of online mug shots, using denial–of-service to force sites to remove negative content and other tactics.

What we do for your repo building:

  • Review the current position and check for such sources
  • Remove bad content or suppress it with good one
  • With the help of our SEO team, generate positive content
  • Use this positive content online
  • Monitor your reputation

We protect your business from negative brand associations and create a positive environment

E-mail Marketing

We deliver e-mail marketing services for your business to reach your defined goals and earning the profit out of it. E-mail marketing is one of the best channels to target the customers. We tend to reach to your product to the maximum number of peoples. Our team is highly flexible in handling various e-mail programs.

E-mail marketing has little risks and the price is also low in comparison to other marketing strategies. With the help of our services you will be able to hold the potential success. Our marketing team follows the upgraded strategy and tools to reach out to maximum audiences by conducting e-mail surveys, reply directly to the customers and other techniques.

Our process for e-mail marketing is –

  • Subscribe contact of targeted audiences
  • Professional EDM strategies for analysis
  • Setting branding and marketing goals for your product
  • Deliverability

Throughout this process, our team intends to gain more customers and provide you profit with the marketing strategies.

How Can We Help?

Our mission is to create the highest efficiency in the business life-cycle to make your business a lot more accountable than it currently is for the masses. We create content, produce digital assets, execute media and tie it all with performance to create a simple yet powerful model of accountability in everything that we do.


Brainsmiths Labs believes to take new challenges using creativity in a structural way that facilitates innovation in digital marketing. We follow some tips that make us innovative.

Some approaches that we follow:

  • Break away from traditional planning processes
  • Balance creativity, discipline and being data-driven
  • Move away from activity-based metrics for social media