How does your product address the difficulties your users are facing? What features are essential to test the product-market fit? We believe that taking the time to define, build and test a minimum viable product (MVP) will result in a relevant and sticky product for your customers.

The lean method is a way to validate your assumptions so you can address the real needs of your customers without breaking the bank. We’re looking out for you. Your success is our success.

Brainsmiths Labs builds superior products with an approach that involves disciplined planning, execution and a philosophy of shared responsibility.

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How It Works

After Proof of Concept Design, we advise you to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first. Brainsmiths Labs’s minimum viable product development services allows clients to build bare minimum software features and functionalities with faster development period.

Minimum Viable Product usually consists of the minimum set of features that you want to build for your product which would be sufficient for clients to approach their target audience. Deciding the features of Minimum Viable Product is more of a tactical decision to start with, but without losing the foresight of future possibilities.

This allows the end-users to start using the features within a short period of time. Shorter period ensure that users can start using the product and you can be rest assured that your concept will grow as you get more inputs.

This approach also ensures that your concept is well accepted before you actually start spending more money. This strategy has helped our clients succeed in the market even with a limited budget to start with, where every dollar spent is extremely important. The learnings through working with them has evolved and tuned-in our professionals for MVP development.

Within Brainsmiths Labs our focus has always been to help you grow and maximize your returns on a product idea. We have an expert team of solution consultants and architects who will provide you all the consulting you need to rollout your MVP strategy. We look forward to hearing from you and act as a valued partner rather than a mere vendor. The engagement will start with signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, followed by our consultants providing a no obligation pre-sales support.

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Why This Happens?

It Happens because of the most common constraints, timeline and budget.



  • These restraints are specifically prominent for startups. As they need every precise information about their dollar they spend in early stages to achieve the most possible value. However, building the MVP does exactly the same.
  • Where in some scenario, startups need investors to raise additional rounds of funding. In such scenarios, an MVP is a proof of concept that eliminate obstacle questions and encourages investors to invest confidently in long term business plan.

When you release your product or service to the market and it didn’t work as per your expectations than when it comes to mind that instead could have developed MVPs – Minimum Viable Product. So that in advance you can have a precise idea about what people want and what they don’t. Even you can then make fast adjustments based on early feedback, so that, in the end, you can create a product or service that’s useful, desirable and valuable with the minimum investment.

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