Online Community Application
Online Community Application
Online Community Application

Community Portals

Community portals/Community Sites/Community Websites – is the catching nerve connecting & disseminating information to specific group of people. Community here can be residents of a locale, a group of employees/friends/like-minded people, people belonging to particular caste, religion.

Brainsmiths Labs portal development team is well versed in developing horizontal and vertical internet & intranet community portals. We understand the need of the hour and hence integrate dynamic multimedia applications into community portals - social networking, video posting, blogging are some of the features that help syndicate and aggregate interests, showcase latest updates/happenings, enhance listing with e-commerce capabilities.

Brainsmiths Labs Community portal development service can help you achieve aggregation of results from several sources depending on trending interests by profiling & displaying complete information and sharing relevant data. Listings and searches based on person, information, place, interests, boosting paid services can also be achieved through alerts, notifications, and triggers.

Brainsmiths Labs Community portal development service uses rich mashup designs with powerful dashboards and RSS aggregation for effective web harvesting and intelligent display on multiple platforms viz., personal computers, personal digital assistants, & mobile devices.

Online Community Services We Offer

Right Platform Selection

Get a robust platform that fulfills your feature requirements and reduces operating costs along with providing in-depth insights

Community Strategy

Unlock the true potential of your community through a well-researched, data-driven strategy, and proper gap analysis to create a winning roadmap

UI and UX Setup

Deliver a profound user experience to your community members with responsive designs, easy navigation, and engaging visuals

Community Migration

Make a swift move to scalable, feature rich & strategic fit community management platform with zero data loss & time-bound migration

Knowledge Base Design

Deliver self-service and drive case deflection rate by creating a comprehensive knowledge base for your users

Verticalized Approach

Set up a highly engaging and ROI-driven community that suits your industry and business requirements perfectly

Advance Customization

Leverage the power of tailor-made solutions that complement your brand’s identity and achieve desired business objectives


Boost community performance by quickly integrating CRM, marketing automation, search solution, and other third-party apps

Search Solution

Help users find right information at a click by deploying powerful, scalable, and next-gen enterprise search engine, built specifically for communities

Community Analytics

Employ real-time dashboards to analyze ever-changing user behavior and deep dive into community performance to create winning community strategies

Community Management

Establish an effective community presence by regularly monitoring community performance, mitigating risks, and improving user experience

Importance of Online Presence in Online Community

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Past Projects in Online Community

Pi Extracts

Pi as the mathematical constant represents a perfect harmony, a calculated string of numbers that perfects the circle. Nature offers a harmonious solution to humans in the form of CBD – its spectrum of therapeutic effects work throughout the brain and bodily systems to make it one of the most diverse remedies for people worldwide. Our CBD formulations are THC-free and refined to perfection, using only 100% organically-sourced, pesticide-free CBD from the United States. Pi Extracts delivers a range of convenient CBD dosing methods to suit any preference with blends of delicious, organic terpenes for many natural flavours. We believe CBD is Nature’s Perfect Equation, and our extracts are held to the same precise standard.

Big Buds Delivery

Feminized Big Bud cannabis seeds are one of the oldest cannabis strains. Our Big Bud is specially cultivated for maximum yield, without loss of quality. The branches can be so heavy by the tops, that they must be tied up. Big Buds are genetically similar to skunk-like weeds. The THC development is medium to high. The experiences show that it provides a strong, long-lasting high with an average "bodystone". A great yield potential of 500 gr./m2. Makes Big Buds interesting for breeding!. Very resistant to fungus, quick ready and easy to cut. Big Buds has a hard compact top and it quickly brings 500 grams per 2m. Which makes it a very high yield of 600 grams per plant. And this plant is already ready in about 8 weeks.

Blog Website

A blog is a type of website where the content is presented in reverse chronological order (newer content appear first). Blog content is often referred to as entries or “blog posts”. Blogs are typically run by an individual or a small group of people to present information in a conversational style. However, now there are tons of corporate blogs that produce a lot of informational and thought-leadership style content.Blogs evolved from online diaries and journals in the mid-90s. At that time, internet users were already running personal web pages where they published regular updates about their personal lives, thoughts, and social commentary.

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