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Brainsmiths Labs is one of the real estate website design companies with the know-how to build MLS systems (Real Estate Multiple Listing Services) and other advanced features. Our expertise goes beyond creating online real estate listings, custom property location mapping, API integrations, real estate website search customization, agents management, and rental and booking website development.

Unlike many others, Brainsmiths Labs is a real estate website design company with experience in Dot Net frameworks, Xamarin, SharePoint, a range of CMS options, Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS and more. This means we can add advanced real estate features to your site to help you grow your mailing list or show off your latest real estate & agent properties.

Responsive Real Estate Agent Web Design

Brainsmiths Labs’s real estate web design services will position realtors and brokers websites as a sales generating and growth-focused online market.

Real Estate Integration Solutions

Along with real estate web portal development, we also provide IDX and MLS integrations. These integrations will bring more potential clients to your website.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Solutions

Through our expert digital marketing solutions, you can engage with customers from around the world. Our team will do the necessary updates based on user behavior, customer feedback or competitor moves.

Real Estate Website Maintenance Services

Our team not only builds remarkable real estate websites, but we also offer website maintenance services which play an essential role in maximizing your online performance.

Real Estate Branding Services

Our creative brand designers have produced many marketing pieces to help our clients achieve the desired success in this competitive digital world.

Real Estate CMS Development Services

Our professional developers can develop user-friendly websites according to your needs. Whether you want to get a custom CMS website or website migration services, we are always ready to help.

How Real Estate Website Benefits Your Business?

By the given statistics and data, it looks like having a website for real estate company is a must. However, you may be thinking in what ways a real estate website benefits your business?

Let’s have a detailed understanding of how having a website helps your company in various aspects. And how efficiently you can use an online site to leverage your real estate business.

Creates Online Presence

According to the research by American NAR(National Association of Realtors) and Google in 2013. In America, about 90% of buyers search for potential properties online before they look anywhere else. Meanwhile, India has emerged as the second largest online market worldwide with over 460 million internet users. And by 2022 it is expected to grow to 511 million. As a result of this rapid internetization, the percentage of home searching on the internet is going to increase in India also.

Anytime Accessibility

As a real estate company maintaining constant accessibility is essential to improve the business. Real estate website provides an anytime accessibility of information to your customers. When you meet a customer, you share a print brochure with all the information and details of the business. But it is not sure that your customer saves your brochure for further references. Similarly, you cant be in available at the office for 24 hours. But having a website creates an online presence of your business. Customers can visit your site at any time for any information they require. And also real estate website has no office hours. Through site, customers can reach you from anywhere, at any time, seven days a week.

Quick Buying Decision

Buying a home will be a massive financial commitment of your customer. But they will make a quick buying decision when they get enough information and proper guidance from you. By creating a best real estate website, you can make the buying process easy and quick for your customers. In a website, you can provide a step-by-step guide of the home buying process. Inclusive details of properties and assurance of guidance provided on your site keep customers mind at ease. Also, motivates them to involve in the buying process quickly and comfortably. Make sure you list out all your property details in your website so that your customers will have more options.

Improves Customer Service

Providing better customer service will grow the real estate business. Undoubtedly, you can provide better customer service for your prospective clients with a real estate website. A website gives access to customers for queries at any time. Provide a link to your email address and add a ‘contact us’ page in your site. Then customers can communicate with you quickly. And also incorporate an FAQ(Frequently Answered Questions) page. FAQ page helps customers to find out answers for there questions before contacting you. Finally, customers need an assurance that you provide a best possible service for them. And by a real estate website, you can promise that to your customers.

Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are the generation, who are born between the early 1980’s to the mid-1990’s or early 2000’s. In India, millennial’s are 34% of the total country’s population. They cover a higher lucrative portion of the market. A report by CREDAI and CBRE states that 45% of Indian millennials use the internet as a primary source of information to search for the services and products they buy. And they are highly dependent on realtor websites for home searching. What will be the better marketing strategy to approach these tech-savvy millennials, other than creating a presence of your real estate company online. When you have an internet presence through a website, these young property buyers will able to discover your services at higher likelihood.

Establishing Reputation

A best real estate website can create an excellent reputation for your real estate company when used efficiently. Add a review page to your site. And ask the previous customers to write their reviews. Reviews can be about their experience with you in finding their new home. Letting know your customers about your achievements and work can quickly establish a reputation for your business. And testimonials and reviews on your website can accomplish that.

Helps in Brand Building

In the real estate industry brand identity is something that defines your company. In other words, It sets the tone for how your business operates and provides a sense of who you are and what you represent. Done right, it can transform ordinary customers into loyal clients of your brand. A real estate website plays a vital role in brand building. It gives visitors the first impression of your business. Real estate website creates a brand identity for your company online. With a site, you can deliver your message and content to customers. Building a relationship with the customers is essential in the real estate brand building. With the online accessibility that a website provides, you can achieve that for your business.

Easy Lead Generation

Lead generation and nurturing is the most important objective in the real estate business, and it is quite challenging. Real estate website benefits your company by generating leads automatically. With a real estate website, you don’t have to make phone calls or manually send out mailers. All you have to do is to maintain a good site and optimize its visibility on search engines. That gives you an exposure to be seen by potential buyers who search for homes on the web. Incorporate a contact form on your site. Then you can turn your website visitors into leads. Whenever a visitor enters his name, address and other contact info you will get a lead to follow up.

Saves Time

There are a lot of steps involved in buying a home, and all the steps are highly time-consuming. However, you can lessen that time with the help of your real estate website. In real estate business information is critical. Customers like to know more details about your properties before they make a decision. A best real estate website should provide sufficient content. Then your clients can visit your site for the information that they need at any time. You can communicate with customers via online forms or email. Don’t need to meet them personally to discuss information about your real estate services, which saves you a lot of time.

Easy Tracking

Real estate business is all about location. For example, distance to the workplace, good schools, hospitals, and shopping centers is what a prospective buyer essentially looks for in a property. Customers can be readily assisted to know that information by incorporating GPS into your website. With the support of mapping application, you can integrate a GPS in your website. Incorporating GPS and map helps the visitors to visualize the exact location of properties. In other words, GPS provides a clear idea of distance and directions of property location to the visitors.

Mobile Application for Real Estate

A decade ago, people who are planning to rent, buy, or sell a house should go to a real estate agent office or try searching for houses in newspapers. They didn’t have a lot of options back then, but the times changed, and with time, the way people are searching for their houses also changed.

With the advent of the internet, everyone started searching for their houses online-only, and now with smartphones and apps, it has become even more accessible.

No one would like to spend a lot of their time on simple tasks like searching for a house, and this is the reason why you can go for mobile apps. These apps will reduce a lot of time and hassle of searching for the houses. Lately, people are not buying a newspaper to get the details of any house or something. All they need is a smartphone with active internet on it.

Go Digital.. Get Real! – Growing Importance of Digital Marketing in Real Estate Business

Online and Digital Marketing has revolutionized the art of “shopping”. Ranging from the generic daily need items to tech-savvy electronic gadgets, everything is being sold on line. Hassle free and time saving is the new mantra and Real Estate is surely no exception.

Gone are the days when you had to search amidst thousands of properties, for your dream home. Using digital marketing and cutting edge technology the process of buying a house has changed monumentally in the past few years. Although many may argue that word-to-mouth advertising is the best way to sell anything, studies prove otherwise. In the year 2010 alone the number of real estate transactions carried out on line was a staggering 85% of the total market. Unbelievable but true!

Importance of Online Presence in Real Estate Industry

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