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It starts with introducing AspDotNet Zero and its features. Then deeply investigates the source code structure with live demos and helps you to get up and running with AspDotNet Zero. If finally shows how to create your business functionality step by step on top of the existing source code.

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  • Introduction
  • Hello ASP.NET Zero
  • Goal of this course
  • Demo: Looking at the finished application
  • Installing the required tools
  • Demo: Getting your Windows environment ready
  • Getting up and running with ASP.NET Zero
  • Demo: Downloading your ASP.NET Zero project
  • Demo: Configuring and running the default application
  • Summary / What's Next?
  • Introduction
  • Exploring the backend ASP.NET Core project
  • Demo: Exploring the server-side projects
  • Other Server-side Features
  • Demo: Server-side architecture
  • Swagger
  • Demo: Swagger endpoint
  • Tests
  • Demo: Unit tests
  • Exploring the frontend Angular project
  • Demo: Account module
  • Features of AppModule
  • Demo: Application configuration
  • Managing packages, Angular configuration & NSwag integration
  • Demo: Using NSwag
  • Authentication
  • Demo: Authentication from Angular
  • ASP.NET Zero Power Tools
  • Demo: Using the ASP.NET Zero Power Tools
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Demo: Looking at the finished application
  • Building the application Step-By-Step
  • Demo: Creating the Route and Component in Angular
  • Server-side Entities
  • Demo: Server-side entities and database migrations
  • Application Services
  • Demo: Creating An ApplicationService
  • Demo: Testing the Application Service with unit tests
  • Generating Code on the client
  • Demo: Generating the Proxy and displaying data in the View
  • Demo: Adding a Person using a Modal Dialog
  • Authorization
  • Demo: Working with Permissions
  • Demo: Adding support for deletion
  • Demo: Adding filtering
  • Demo: Adding support for a child entity Phone Numbers
  • Multitenancy
  • Demo: Adding support for multitenancy
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Course summary
  • Where To Go Next?

Frequently Asked Question

ASP.NET Zero is a Visual Studio solution. It's built based on layered architecture and other software best practices. It provides a SOLID, strong and scalable solution architecture, pre-built pages and much more.

If you have a business idea and want to build a web application, then you can take ASP.NET Zero as your base solution to not waste your time on building common requirements like user, role and permission management, audit logging, setting management, user profile management, localization and so on.

It not only provides many pre-built functionalities, but also makes your daily development work easier by using a complete web application framework: ASP.NET Boilerplate

It also supports multi-tenancy, subscription and payment systems if you want to create a SaaS application.

  • It provides a layered, well-defined and documented architectural model. So, your developers will know how to write code that follows best practices.
  • The solution is mature and has solved most of the issues faced when creating an application from scratch.
  • It provides many pre-built functionalities that are common to almost every application: login, user, role and permission management, audit logs, settings, user profile, multi-language, multi-tenancy and so on. Create a demo to see most of the UI.
  • It's based on the open-source and community-driven ABP framework. It is actively used by thousands of developers and is continuously developed. It makes your daily development easier by providing base classes and infrastructure, and automates your repeated tasks.
So, don't waste your time on common requirements, begin to develop your business idea from the first day.

ASP.NET Zero is built by the team behind ASP.NET Boilerplate. So, it's the best UI and application implementation of the framework. Everything in ABP can be directly used in ASP.NET Zero. All the documentation is valid for ASP.NET Zero too. Since ABP has a comprehensive documentation, it will help a lot while developing your application.

ASP.NET Boilerplate website provides a free startup template to simply start with the framework. ASP.NET Zero is a production-ready enterprise-level application base. See the comparison table for differences between the free startup templates and ASP.NET Zero.

Our licenses have product count restrictions. For example, if you buy a Regular license, you can use it to develop one real product/solution. You can create test/demo projects without any restriction. You can also re-create (re-download) the same project whenever you need. However, you should buy higher licenses if you want to develop more than one product/solution using ASP.NET Zero. You can sell your product to any number of customers or deploy to more than one environment. No restriction here.

ASP.NET Zero license also has a developer count restriction. Regular license allows up to 3 developers who are actively working on your ASP.NET Zero based solution. If you have a larger team, you should buy higher licenses.

Notice that the license system only checks during development. It does not check on the production instance, because the license does not have a limit on deployment count. It also does not force you to be connected to the internet both during development and in production.

ASP.NET Zero includes the full Metronic license. You can use Metronic with ASP.NET Zero under our terms and restrictions. For example, Metronic normally requires an Extended license for SaaS projects, but you can use it with ASP.NET Zero in your SaaS application without any additional cost. One restriction here: You cannot buy ASP.NET Zero and just use Metronic independently in your non-ASP.NET Zero based projects. You can only use Metronic in ASP.NET Zero.

Yes, we sell the source code. So, you can completely change it based on your requirements. There are two exceptions to that:

  • 1. The solution uses many libraries, which are free and open source, as NuGet packages. Including all of their source code in the solution is not a good idea, because the size of your solution will be huge and you cannot update the libraries easily. However, if you need the source code of any library, you can just get it from its repository.
  • 2. The solution also has a closed-source NuGet package that is used to protect AspNet Zero's. This closed source library has a few application-independent utility classes that are not subject to change for your application, but to make the application dependent on the licensing library. Notice that AspNet Zero's license control is done only during development and only during your license period. You can continue to develop and use the source code (even without the developer count restriction) after your license period ends.

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